Plant Based Vs. Vegan - What's The Difference?

So you want to go vegan? Or plant-based? Or you didn’t even know there was a difference? Believe me, it can get confusing! I’ve been vegan for nearly four years now and this was a topic I was very confused about in the beginning. To make a long story short you can be vegan and plant based since being vegan is plant based but being plant based isn’t considered vegan.

What is the difference? Vegan is considered a lifestyle while plant based is the foods you eat. Both consume zero animal products of animal by-products. The main difference is the lifestyle you have. Vegan’s don’t eat any animal products, don’t purchase products tested on animals, don’t buy leather, don’t buy fur, etc.! Being plant based is just following the “diet” aka eating fruits and veggies and no animal products or by-products!

Once you break down the difference it’s pretty simple! The benefits of a vegan lifestyle or plant based diet are endless. Whether you’re vegan or plant based you’re not only helping your health but also animals and the Earth!

xo, Logan

What I Learned At 21

Ever since Taylor Swift released “22” back in 2012 I’ve been waiting for the moment I, Logan Adams, turn 22. Seven years later that day is here… well in a few weeks it’ll be here. 21 has been a year to say the least, a lot has happened! Mostly good, the only “negative” side effects of my year have been my anxiety and panic attacks but we’ll get into that another time!

Usually each year I reflect on what I learned in the last year. Most people do the “21 Things I Learned At 21” for whatever age they are ut truthfully I did not learn 21 things this year that are worth sharing! Instead I’m going to share a few things that I have learned and believe that they’ll inspire!

The number one thing that I took from this year was to call my family and friends often. I had a very bad panic attack one day that was triggered by me not seeing my grandma as much as I should. We were out at lunch and next thing I know I’m in the bathroom crying, trying to stop my shaking and grasp a breath. Luckily my grandma, grandpa and dad were there to talk me through it all. I’ve had many panic attacks in my life but this one had an impact. I realized how much it hurt me not talking to and seeing my family and friends. Ever since I’ve been reaching out more, calling more, making more plans and it’s helped me a lot! Side note, another thing I learned is to reach out! If you need help, reach out for help.

While on the topic of my anxiety and panic attacks when I have a bad episode I tend to isolate myself for hours, even days. It grew quite common for me and I never realized how bad it actually was. I’d sleep in until I had to go to work, go to work, come home and lay in bed until I fall asleep… and repeat! Not healthy! Though I still feel like I isolate myself I’ve started coming out of my room, driving places just to get out of the house, working out and I’m so proud of myself! As Taylor Swift said, “I’m doing better than I ever was.”

Now, here comes the financial talk. God knows we all need it! I am still no pro but I’m trying my best to learn how to save money. I’m pretty good at saving/budgeting for my rent and bills but when it comes to saving for emergency funds… that’s where the struggle begins. I’ve started putting away any cash I receive and $50-$200 per paycheck depending on how much I get on the paycheck. I’m pretty proud of myself though! It may not be a lot now but overtime my savings will be a thick stack of cash and I will be so thankful.

Weighing myself was a huge issue this year. I’d weigh myself every morning. I gained a good 30-40 pounds over the past year and though I didn’t accept it at first now I just tell myself there’s more to love! Before making the decision to love myself I’d spend nights crying, trying to do diets that don’t work, restricting foods, whatever it took to lose the excess weight I tried to do. The worst part of it all is that I’d binge when I got home which caused my nights spent crying in my room. Binging is still something that I find hard to talk about, honestly eating in general is hard to talk about but I’m growing more comfortable with the topic day by day. One day I’ll be able to talk about it, it’s a growing experience! Thankfully I never stuck to anything I tried and came to the realization that I need to love myself to be okay with myself. God bless the broken road that lead me straight to self love!

A huge learning experience from this year was to prioritize myself. I found myself in friendships that weren’t healthy and didn’t benefit me. I grew and the people around me hadn’t yet. I was happier in my life surrounded by people that brought me down. I recognized the fact that the negativity I surrounded myself with was causing me to be negative also. It’s okay to let things and people go. At the end of the day the only person you have for the whole of your life is yourself. Prioritize yourself and make yourself happy and healthy.

xo, Logan

How Blogging Helped Me Grow As A Person

I started seriously blogging about two months ago now, and boy does time fly by fast. I Started my blog as a hobby and it's starting to feel more like a brand and job! Currently I don't make much money, if any, and that's okay! My day will come! I've been reflecting on my life recently and I noticed how motivated and inspired I have been with everything in my life since starting this blog. I'm so grateful for how far I've come in such a small amount of time.

I try my absolute hardest to post Monday, Wednesday and Friday but sometimes personal stuff gets in the way. Being consistent is something that's important to me, as it was something that I was so bad at before. Especially with blogging I need to be consistent. Though this is a hobby for me I tend to treat it like a job. Posting three times a week is like working a shift three times a week, you have to come in and show up! Obviously sometimes we have sick days or personal days, which I give myself if I need it.

I'm no longer as shy to talk about what I'm interested in or investing my time in. I love researching and writing about veganism, cosmetics, self love and mental health and I have a platform where I can do so! I've found myself being more knowledgeable about important topics to me when talking to people (veganism, climate change, cruelty free cosmetics, etc.)!

Speaking of knowledge, I've even enrolled myself to become a certified health coach! Doing any type of schooling was something I never ever could've imagined myself doing. Throughout high school all I wanted was to get out. I wanted to leave so bad I even finished my senior year online at home. I never had a topic/niche I was interested in so I didn't plan on going to college. After learning a lot about diet, health and wellness for the past few years I knew that's something I wanted to go into! I want to be more knowledgeable talking about health, wellness and veganism so I took a big leap in the right direction.

This blog gave me my platform to speak and now it's my turn to make it into a reality/business, which is exactly what I'm going to do! One day at a time will be so worth it a year, month, or even a week from now.

xo, Logan

Handling A Full Time Job, Blogging + School

I've been working full time since I turned 16, even though at 16 I couldn't only work roughly 20 hours, but that was still a lot for a high schooler. The only time I remember not working was when I was unhappy with the job I had for nearly 4 years so I left. I went to go live with my dad for that summer, I wanted to spend time at home with him before I started this thing called "adulating." But even living with my dad I was still working, but I was working for him. After that summer I began the job I have now and I'm absolutely in love with my job, even 3 years later!

Even though I do love my job I realized over the past year that I can't see myself working for someone else my whole life. I know, I know, isn't that what everyone says? I wanted to begin building a brand for myself and a brand that can not only grow but also help grow me. I started with YouTube (failed!), then blogging (failed at first but now it's thriving), wrote my first book "Self Loved," and now I'm in school for health, wellness and nutrition to become a health coach! I have a lot on my plate but it's not too much to where I'm stressed and unhappy.

I realized how to manage everything and how to prioritize. In my case my first priority is my job, without my job I wouldn't be able to afford a lot of things, rent, my blog, school, food and a lot more. Second is school, I'm grateful that my classes are online because it makes it easier to work around my 40 hour work week. Last is blogging, I would love to have it as a job but at the moment it's a hobby! I post three times a week and what caused me to "fail" when I first started my blog was because I felt like a failure if I didn't post on time or didn't post at all. I came to the conclusion that if I miss a day or don't post on time it is okay! Realizing this has made a huge difference! I've only missed one whole day and a couple days that weren't on time but I no longer beat myself up for it, it is what it is!

xo, Logan

Why I'm Vegan

In March of 2916 I decided to make the decision to go vegan. I had spent months researching veganism and what exactly it is and I knew it was something I needed to incorporate into my life. It's funny because usually I don't stick to things, my mind is always changing and I'm always wanting to do something new but being vegan has been something that hasn't changed.

Don't get me wrong, I know not everyone can be vegan but I knew that I could, so I did. Originally I went vegan because I didn't want to eat animals anymore. I didn't see why it was necessary to eat such beautiful and lively creatures. I was lactose intolerant meaning I already couldn't have dairy. Meat and dairy didn't have any benefits to my diet.

Now, three and a half years later I'm vegan for more than just the animals. I am vegan for the Earth and I am vegan for my health.

Eating whole, plant based foods has helped my health immensely. I no longer get the absolutely painful stomach aches I used to get that were caused by dairy. I've been able to maintain a healthy weight. Though my relationship with food is rocky I do find myself having a better relationship with food now.

In the beginning I didn't understand how not eating meat, dairy, eggs, etc could help the planet but now I understand strongly believe that veganism is what an help our planet. Eating plant based/vegan helps lower the amount of CO2 and methane gases that are released which then cause climate change and global warming.

Now, I didn't understand at first how eating meat and dairy caused nasty gases to pollute our air. Basically, water and land is needed to crow food for cows, chickens, pigs, you name it. With the outstanding amount of animals raised for slaughter their gases (yes, farts) are 20% of the methane gases in the USA alone. These methane gases and CO2 is what's causing our planet to warm up... climate change and global warming!

Like I said before a lot of land and water is used to raise animals for slaughter. In the United States roughly 80% of land and 50% of water is used for farming animals. Think about it, a lot of that land and water could be used for homeless or low income families to give them food.

Being vegan is the best thing I could've ever done not only for myself but for the animals and the planet. I'm so grateful that I'm able to be vegan and to thrive on a plant based diet.

xo, Logan

Social Media Was Killing My Mental Health

I have a love hate relationship with social media. I’ve met so many friends and have had so many great opportunities because of social media. But there’s also the side of social media that no one talks about, which is the negative side. Since literally anyone can go online and post whatever they want, they choose to say and do whatever they want no matter the consequences.

I’ve been on social media, Myspace to be exact, since I was in fifth grade, and I’m almost 22 now, so I’ve had my fair share! Throughout my days social media has taught me a lot but has also brought me down a lot. Cyber bullies are real guys! There are trolls online that will say and do anything to make them feel better. Just remember that at the end of the day you aren’t the person hiding behind a computer screen trying to make people feel bad about themselves, you’re better than that!

There’s been so many times where I had to physically delete apps off my phone such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. A lot of people post about their struggles and mental health which I totally understand, sometimes you just need to let it out! But also sometimes it gets too much for me when that’s all I see while scrolling through my timeline, and it causes my own mental health to spiral. I deleted my twitter app and finsta (private instagram for close friends) account because it was all getting too much and wasn’t making me happy.

I came to the realization that I was wanting to stay on social media but also I wanted my mental health in check. The conclusion I came up with was to unfollow the people who I either didn’t know well or people who didn’t inspire me. I wanted to be able to log onto Instagram or Twitter and not only be happy but be inspired, and that’s what I did.

It seems silly and personally I feel embarrassed about the negative effects that social media has on me simply because I could just delete it all and have it done with. It’s also just had such a good impact on my life, I met my best friend, Jared, through Twitter, I met my boyfriend, Luke, through Tinder and so many friends through YouTube. Without social media I wouldn’t have all the close friends I have, nor would I be writing this post right now, which is beyond crazy to think about.

xo, Logan

Why I Thrift

Thrifting is something that I used to look at as “gross” simply because I just assumed that anything and everything that was second hand just wasn’t good. That is absolutely not the case! If your mindset on thrifting and second hand was just like mine I hope that I can help sway your thoughts. Thrifting is not only good for your wallet but also the Earth!

A few months back I wrote a post about fast fashion (you can read it here!) and around then is when I started taking thrifting seriously. I thrift 95% of the time and 5% goes to shoes, accessories and really nice clothes that I know will last me forever. I don’t buy shoes a lot, all I wear are my white vans and vegan doc martens. My vans I wear until I literally cannot wear them no more and then I’ll purchase another pair. I don’t buy accessories often if ever and when I do it’s usually because I lost an earring and need another pair.

After learning about fast fashion I knew that I had to do my part in not only helping the Earth but also not supporting companies that don’t treat their workers well. A lot of people don’t know that clothes they throw out end up in landfills where the colors in the clothes contaminate our Earth. Also, workers aren’t treated well at all. Abuse, 12+ hour work days, workers are underpaid and so much more happens behind the scenes of the clothing you buy from companies like Forever 21, Zara, etc.!

I’m happy to say that almost my whole wardrobe is thrifted and secondhand! A few exceptions include my shoes and some clothes I already had that I haven’t donated! I’ve also been thrifting any furniture or decor that I’ve been needing and it’s made my room feel a lot more unique and fun!

If you’re wanting to thrift I absolutely recommend it! You’ll save money off normal priced clothing and sometimes you’ll even find never worn clothing! I always find Free People where I live which is one of my favorite brands, so you really never know what you’ll find!

xo, Logan

Journal Prompts If You're In Your Twenties

Journaling has been free therapy for me for years. I own so many journals for different things. Bullet journal, blog planning journal, morning pages journal and the typical “diary” type journal. My morning pages and diary journal are definitely my most used, I write absolutely everything in them. A lot of my self reflections are made while journaling. I think it’s incredibly important to have a place to self reflect whether it’s writing it down or typing it on your phone or computer.

I wrote down some prompts that have helped me learn about myself and know myself more. I hope they help you like they helped me!

How am I feeling at the moment?

Who inspires me right now?

Dear Future Self…

Where do I want to be in six months?

What am I afraid of?

My dream life looks like…

What are my main goals at the moment?

What do I need more of in my life?

What do I need less of in my life?

How do I want others to view me?

My ideal morning routine looks like…

My ideal night routine looks like…

What am I grateful for?

How do I practice self love?

What’s the main thing that I’ve learned in the last six months?

xo, Logan

Vegan vs. Cruelty Free

What is considered vegan? Can a product be vegan and cruelty free? What's the difference? These questions can be hard to figure out! For the longest time I just assumed that vegan makeup and cruelty free makeup were the same thing, which they are not. Don't worry, I'm about to break it down for you as simply as possible

“Vegan” means that the product has no animal derived ingredients.

“Cruelty free” means that the product was not tested on animals.

Products can be both or they can be one and not the other. If a product is cruelty free and not vegan that means that it wasn’t tested on animals but contains animal ingredients (ex: beeswax). While I don't tend to see this often technically a product can be vegan and not cruelty free meaning that it doesn't have animals ingredients but was tested on animals.

Personally I don't agree with a vegan product being tested on animals but I can understand how someone could argue that it is vegan based off the typical vegan definition. But on the bother hand how can a product be vegan if it tests on animals? This is where it's iffy and opinionated so just purchase what you feel comfortable with!

I know no one wants to look up ingredients and company backgrounds for every product so luckily we live in a time where wonderful companies have logos that tell you if a product is cruelty free and vegan! 

Certified Vegan Logo

Vegan Trademark

Cruelty Free and Vegan Logo (Beauty Without Bunnies)

xo Logan

20 Tips For A Twenty-Something

Your twenties are crucial years for your personal growth. You're finally out of your "teen" years and are beginning to live a life of adulthood. It's scary! You learned a lot before moving out on your own, but boy is there so much more to learn. You begin the struggles of money management, you can now go to bars, you build friendships, you start a career and so on. Every situation you're put in you learn from. Your whole life is a bunch of learning experiences. Maybe you just happened to land on this post for a reason. Here are 20 tips for a twenty-something, this is your learning experience.

Take care of your skin, you’ll thank yourself 20 years from now.

Drink a glass of water when you wake up, honestly just drink water whenever you can.

No one has their life together yet.

Travel while you can.

Save for retirement ASAP, now is better than later.

Wake up early, it’ll be miserable at first but worthwhile a few weeks later.

Call your parents and grandparents, as hard as it is to say, they won’t always be there.

The number on the scale is only a number.
Set goals and achieve them.

Let go of toxic people, whether it’s a friendship or relationship, they’re not worth it.

Begin journaling.

Your mental health is more important than anything else going on in your life.

Comparing yourself to others is a waste of time and only hurts you in the end.

How others feel about you or think about you is out of your control.

It’s okay to breakdown.

Read often.

Educate yourself on what’s going on in the world.

Practice gratitude.

Compliment strangers, it’ll make their day and it’ll bring joy to yours.

Self love is the most important thing you can learn for yourself.

xo, Logan

My Dream Self + How I'm Going To Be Her

Recently I’ve found myself daydreaming and thinking too often about who I wish to be. How I appear, how I live, how I work, and so on! But there’s a dilemma… well, more like a problem. I talk the talk but I don’t walk the walk, like ever. To be the successful woman I want to be I kinda need to take that walk. 

I have no problem working your typical 9-5 job except for the fact that I’d rather be my own boss then have someone else be my boss. I think we all have that dream, don’t we? My dream? Work for myself, influence people my age (or any age really), and be successful doing so.

Who Do I Aspire To Be?

Since I was in middle school I had wanted to make a youtube channel so I could post videos of myself talking about what I loved, and being able to reach out to people my age! I’m now 21 and have the same dream and passion. Though I still have the same love for youtube, my 21 year old self finds blogging more of “my thing.” I guess you could say I’ve always wanted to be an influencer. I want to be able to inspire others, I have a voice so why not use it for good?

I tend to have a lot of self doubt, which is something I need to work on. As much as I know that I should be more confident in myself, it’s hard to actually do so. It’s definitely a learning process. Being this way has caused me to stop doing the things I love, such as blogging. I stopped blogging for four months… FOUR MONTHS. This was caused by me not believing in myself, and believing that my content wasn’t good enough, which is absolutely not true! I’ve learned that if you love something and you have fun doing it, then it'll always be 100% worth it.

How Will I Be My Dream Self?

One thing that I used to practice a lot was the law of attraction. If you’re unsure about what that is, long story short it is attracting what you want in life. “Thoughts become things,” as they say! I don’t know enough about the law of attraction to write more in depth about it but there are a ton of books, blogs, videos, you name it, that talk about it! I used to manifest and use the law of attraction all the time a few years ago and it WORKED. I wish I knew why I stopped applying it to my life. But things happen and that’s okay!

Affirmations also helped me a lot! I actually wrote a blog post about this, if you’re interested in reading more on it! Affirmations were such a helpful reminder for me when I was practicing self love a few months back. This time around I’m not only going to use affirmations on self love, but also success.

A couple of my affirmations include:

I am successful. 

I am worthing of success. 

Money is not an issue to me.
I am happy.

I work when I want, and where I want.

I am healthy.
My income increases every month.

I am extremely confident inside and out.

By applying the law of attraction and affirmations to my life, I’m going to become the successful woman I am able to become! I’ll no longer let procrastination get the best of me, and begin using my time wisely to live the life I want. Cheers to living my best life, and in hopes of you living yours also!

xo, Logan