If you've made it to this page that means that you're probably interested in who runs this blog. That'd be me! Hello, my name is Logan! I'm a 21 year old living in Seattle, Washington. I started my blog as a hobby. I was finding myself extremely bored and unmotivated on my off days from my full time job. I decided I was going to start up blogging and I am so thankful I did. Ever since I could remember I wanted to influence people, be a role model, inspire others... you name it! To be who I want to be I have to start somewhere, so I thought, "why not now?" I know kinda cliche but it worked! Since I started my blog I published my first (but not last) book, "Self Loved" which is available on Amazon or in my shop! Like I said earlier, I also enrolled to become a certified health coach to keep pursuing my career and blog! Now it's time for some fast facts! I've been vegan since March of 2016, I have a one-eyed teacup chihuahua named peanut, I love reality TV especially "The Challenge," I'm hoping to write a vegan cook book in the next year or two, I have over 20 tattoos and my absolute favorite place on Earth is Disneyland... I'm a huge Disney fan!

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