Vegan vs. Cruelty Free

What is considered vegan? Can a product be vegan and cruelty free? What's the difference? These questions can be hard to figure out! For the longest time I just assumed that vegan makeup and cruelty free makeup were the same thing, which they are not. Don't worry, I'm about to break it down for you as simply as possible

“Vegan” means that the product has no animal derived ingredients.

“Cruelty free” means that the product was not tested on animals.

Products can be both or they can be one and not the other. If a product is cruelty free and not vegan that means that it wasn’t tested on animals but contains animal ingredients (ex: beeswax). While I don't tend to see this often technically a product can be vegan and not cruelty free meaning that it doesn't have animals ingredients but was tested on animals.

Personally I don't agree with a vegan product being tested on animals but I can understand how someone could argue that it is vegan based off the typical vegan definition. But on the bother hand how can a product be vegan if it tests on animals? This is where it's iffy and opinionated so just purchase what you feel comfortable with!

I know no one wants to look up ingredients and company backgrounds for every product so luckily we live in a time where wonderful companies have logos that tell you if a product is cruelty free and vegan! 

Certified Vegan Logo

Vegan Trademark

Cruelty Free and Vegan Logo (Beauty Without Bunnies)

xo Logan