Handling A Full Time Job, Blogging + School

I've been working full time since I turned 16, even though at 16 I couldn't only work roughly 20 hours, but that was still a lot for a high schooler. The only time I remember not working was when I was unhappy with the job I had for nearly 4 years so I left. I went to go live with my dad for that summer, I wanted to spend time at home with him before I started this thing called "adulating." But even living with my dad I was still working, but I was working for him. After that summer I began the job I have now and I'm absolutely in love with my job, even 3 years later!

Even though I do love my job I realized over the past year that I can't see myself working for someone else my whole life. I know, I know, isn't that what everyone says? I wanted to begin building a brand for myself and a brand that can not only grow but also help grow me. I started with YouTube (failed!), then blogging (failed at first but now it's thriving), wrote my first book "Self Loved," and now I'm in school for health, wellness and nutrition to become a health coach! I have a lot on my plate but it's not too much to where I'm stressed and unhappy.

I realized how to manage everything and how to prioritize. In my case my first priority is my job, without my job I wouldn't be able to afford a lot of things, rent, my blog, school, food and a lot more. Second is school, I'm grateful that my classes are online because it makes it easier to work around my 40 hour work week. Last is blogging, I would love to have it as a job but at the moment it's a hobby! I post three times a week and what caused me to "fail" when I first started my blog was because I felt like a failure if I didn't post on time or didn't post at all. I came to the conclusion that if I miss a day or don't post on time it is okay! Realizing this has made a huge difference! I've only missed one whole day and a couple days that weren't on time but I no longer beat myself up for it, it is what it is!

xo, Logan