How Blogging Helped Me Grow As A Person

I started seriously blogging about two months ago now, and boy does time fly by fast. I Started my blog as a hobby and it's starting to feel more like a brand and job! Currently I don't make much money, if any, and that's okay! My day will come! I've been reflecting on my life recently and I noticed how motivated and inspired I have been with everything in my life since starting this blog. I'm so grateful for how far I've come in such a small amount of time.

I try my absolute hardest to post Monday, Wednesday and Friday but sometimes personal stuff gets in the way. Being consistent is something that's important to me, as it was something that I was so bad at before. Especially with blogging I need to be consistent. Though this is a hobby for me I tend to treat it like a job. Posting three times a week is like working a shift three times a week, you have to come in and show up! Obviously sometimes we have sick days or personal days, which I give myself if I need it.

I'm no longer as shy to talk about what I'm interested in or investing my time in. I love researching and writing about veganism, cosmetics, self love and mental health and I have a platform where I can do so! I've found myself being more knowledgeable about important topics to me when talking to people (veganism, climate change, cruelty free cosmetics, etc.)!

Speaking of knowledge, I've even enrolled myself to become a certified health coach! Doing any type of schooling was something I never ever could've imagined myself doing. Throughout high school all I wanted was to get out. I wanted to leave so bad I even finished my senior year online at home. I never had a topic/niche I was interested in so I didn't plan on going to college. After learning a lot about diet, health and wellness for the past few years I knew that's something I wanted to go into! I want to be more knowledgeable talking about health, wellness and veganism so I took a big leap in the right direction.

This blog gave me my platform to speak and now it's my turn to make it into a reality/business, which is exactly what I'm going to do! One day at a time will be so worth it a year, month, or even a week from now.

xo, Logan