My Dream Self + How I'm Going To Be Her

Recently I’ve found myself daydreaming and thinking too often about who I wish to be. How I appear, how I live, how I work, and so on! But there’s a dilemma… well, more like a problem. I talk the talk but I don’t walk the walk, like ever. To be the successful woman I want to be I kinda need to take that walk. 

I have no problem working your typical 9-5 job except for the fact that I’d rather be my own boss then have someone else be my boss. I think we all have that dream, don’t we? My dream? Work for myself, influence people my age (or any age really), and be successful doing so.

Who Do I Aspire To Be?

Since I was in middle school I had wanted to make a youtube channel so I could post videos of myself talking about what I loved, and being able to reach out to people my age! I’m now 21 and have the same dream and passion. Though I still have the same love for youtube, my 21 year old self finds blogging more of “my thing.” I guess you could say I’ve always wanted to be an influencer. I want to be able to inspire others, I have a voice so why not use it for good?

I tend to have a lot of self doubt, which is something I need to work on. As much as I know that I should be more confident in myself, it’s hard to actually do so. It’s definitely a learning process. Being this way has caused me to stop doing the things I love, such as blogging. I stopped blogging for four months… FOUR MONTHS. This was caused by me not believing in myself, and believing that my content wasn’t good enough, which is absolutely not true! I’ve learned that if you love something and you have fun doing it, then it'll always be 100% worth it.

How Will I Be My Dream Self?

One thing that I used to practice a lot was the law of attraction. If you’re unsure about what that is, long story short it is attracting what you want in life. “Thoughts become things,” as they say! I don’t know enough about the law of attraction to write more in depth about it but there are a ton of books, blogs, videos, you name it, that talk about it! I used to manifest and use the law of attraction all the time a few years ago and it WORKED. I wish I knew why I stopped applying it to my life. But things happen and that’s okay!

Affirmations also helped me a lot! I actually wrote a blog post about this, if you’re interested in reading more on it! Affirmations were such a helpful reminder for me when I was practicing self love a few months back. This time around I’m not only going to use affirmations on self love, but also success.

A couple of my affirmations include:

I am successful. 

I am worthing of success. 

Money is not an issue to me.
I am happy.

I work when I want, and where I want.

I am healthy.
My income increases every month.

I am extremely confident inside and out.

By applying the law of attraction and affirmations to my life, I’m going to become the successful woman I am able to become! I’ll no longer let procrastination get the best of me, and begin using my time wisely to live the life I want. Cheers to living my best life, and in hopes of you living yours also!

xo, Logan