Plant Based Vs. Vegan - What's The Difference?

So you want to go vegan? Or plant-based? Or you didn’t even know there was a difference? Believe me, it can get confusing! I’ve been vegan for nearly four years now and this was a topic I was very confused about in the beginning. To make a long story short you can be vegan and plant based since being vegan is plant based but being plant based isn’t considered vegan.

What is the difference? Vegan is considered a lifestyle while plant based is the foods you eat. Both consume zero animal products of animal by-products. The main difference is the lifestyle you have. Vegan’s don’t eat any animal products, don’t purchase products tested on animals, don’t buy leather, don’t buy fur, etc.! Being plant based is just following the “diet” aka eating fruits and veggies and no animal products or by-products!

Once you break down the difference it’s pretty simple! The benefits of a vegan lifestyle or plant based diet are endless. Whether you’re vegan or plant based you’re not only helping your health but also animals and the Earth!

xo, Logan