Social Media Was Killing My Mental Health

I have a love hate relationship with social media. I’ve met so many friends and have had so many great opportunities because of social media. But there’s also the side of social media that no one talks about, which is the negative side. Since literally anyone can go online and post whatever they want, they choose to say and do whatever they want no matter the consequences.

I’ve been on social media, Myspace to be exact, since I was in fifth grade, and I’m almost 22 now, so I’ve had my fair share! Throughout my days social media has taught me a lot but has also brought me down a lot. Cyber bullies are real guys! There are trolls online that will say and do anything to make them feel better. Just remember that at the end of the day you aren’t the person hiding behind a computer screen trying to make people feel bad about themselves, you’re better than that!

There’s been so many times where I had to physically delete apps off my phone such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. A lot of people post about their struggles and mental health which I totally understand, sometimes you just need to let it out! But also sometimes it gets too much for me when that’s all I see while scrolling through my timeline, and it causes my own mental health to spiral. I deleted my twitter app and finsta (private instagram for close friends) account because it was all getting too much and wasn’t making me happy.

I came to the realization that I was wanting to stay on social media but also I wanted my mental health in check. The conclusion I came up with was to unfollow the people who I either didn’t know well or people who didn’t inspire me. I wanted to be able to log onto Instagram or Twitter and not only be happy but be inspired, and that’s what I did.

It seems silly and personally I feel embarrassed about the negative effects that social media has on me simply because I could just delete it all and have it done with. It’s also just had such a good impact on my life, I met my best friend, Jared, through Twitter, I met my boyfriend, Luke, through Tinder and so many friends through YouTube. Without social media I wouldn’t have all the close friends I have, nor would I be writing this post right now, which is beyond crazy to think about.

xo, Logan